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 Stand with Israel's soldiers 

Save lives of Israeli warriors today with vital gear


Help protect our soldiers and provide them with life-saving equipment on the battlefield and protect the Jewish state

We are a 100% LAHAYAL association, operating for over 20 years

We receive hundreds of inquiries from soldiers in the field in challenging conditions with a shortage of life-saving equipment: first aid kits, tourniquets, medical knives, field treatment bandages, helmets and tactical equipment. In addition to that, we provide them with Jewish equipment such as tefillin, kippahs and more.

We need the resources to continuously help our soldiers in the field - and it will help us a lot to raise donations frequently.

The soldiers turn to us seriously and with repeated requests, and are waiting for this help. This is our opportunity to save soldiers and stand by the State of Israel in maintaining the security of the citizens and the Jewish state. This is life-saving equipment that makes the difference between life and death on the battlefield.